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Hackfest 2013 CTF Logic Track Write UP

Write Up by Geoff Vaughan Challenge Designed by Philippe Godbout It’s been a really really long time since I’ve posted anything here but last weekend at Hackfest I ran in to a challenge that was worthy of a full write up. Kudos to Philippe Godbout....

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Setting up an Intrusion Detection System with Snort

Determining if your system has been attacked is often a very daunting task. If however you install an intrusion detection system in advanced you can have a better idea if anyone is attacking your system. In this recent report I wrote about how to setup...

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Black Box SQL Injection Strategies

Attached is a recent report I wrote on SQL injection. I took a very high level approach so that I could give you a thorough understanding of how SQL injection works. There are two files bellow first is the actual report and the other is...


Secure Tunnel Explained

Often we need to communicate through an insecure network. In this lab write up I explain how to establish a secure encrypted connection between two computers that can be used to operate any protocol. Secure Tunnel Explained Image credits: http://beneathesummergrowth.wordpress.com/   Tweet

Image Describing the various types of Denial of Service attacks and Vulnerabilies

How Your Website Gets Hacked.

Outdated CMS Many websites use content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, MidiaWiki, or OS Commerce. Whatever system you are using there is one key thing that you should know, all these systems come out with regular updates for very good reason. It is very common...

Security Blog Round up Headers

IT Security Website Round Up

Lately I’ve found myself checking the same IT Security sites over and over again. In many cases I find myself checking them more then a couple times a day. Heres a round up of all the IT related sites I use as resources regularly. If...

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Exploding House In Bowmanville

Last night my mom forwarded me a news article mentioning that they were blowing up a house in Bowmanville for a movie. Original article here. So this morning I called my dad to see if he wanted to join me to photograph the event. After...

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Windows PC Phishing Scheme

Every now and again I get phone calls from solicitors trying to sell me stuff, give me free cruises, or in this case inform me that I have a virus on my Windows PC. This is an obvious scam but I am certain that they...

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Increasing the background blur in macro photography – part 3/3

This post is part of a 3 part series on how to use the Gaussian Blur filter in Photoshop to perform various photo touch-ups. In this post you will learn how to increase the effect of a background blur in macro photography. All three parts...